Basic Uniform


White, Navy or Light Blue long or short-sleeved collared blouse or polo shirt, and dragon T-shirts

Navy or Khaki loose fitting pants, knee length shorts, A line skirt, and or capris. Dresses may be worn with either long or short sleeves blouse.

* Elementary students may wear skorts.


White, Navy or Light Blue long or short-sleeved polo shirts, and dragon T-shirts.

Navy or Khaki cargo shorts, twill cargo pants, pleated twill pants.


Students may not wear bedroom slippers, shoes with wheels, cleats, heels, platforms, sandals, flip flops. We strongly recommend students wear closed toes.

Other Garments

Students May Not Wear:

  1. Clothing that is not properly fastened;
  2. Clothing or hair styles that disrupt the orderly learning environment;
  3. Clothing that is torn, has holes, or pants that are frayed;
  4. Athletic shorts, cut-off pants, jeggings, short-shorts or running shorts;
  5. Clothing that exposes body parts in an indecent and vulgar manner;
  6. Clothing that is unlined sheer or unlined lace
  7. Clothing that is form fitting, leotards or spandex, unless proper outer garments are worn over top of it.
  8. Sleepwear, blankets, or outer garments traditionally designed as undergarments, such as boxer shorts or bras.
  9. Outer garments or accessories (such as backpacks, jewelry, and purses) which have slogans, signs, images or symbols that:
    •  Promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang identification, weapons or lewd sexual behavior .
    • Denigrate or promote discrimination for or against an individual or group on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, race, religion or gender. Manufacturer’s logo/image is acceptable.
  10. Hats, bandanas, sweatbands, headgear or other head coverings, except when approved by the principal/designee.
  11. Body piercing jewelry, except for earrings on the ears. All other body piercing jewelry must be removed or concealed;
  12. Jewelry or accessories that may be used as weapons, such as chains, spiked jewelry or arm bands;
  13. Combs, curlers or hair picks. N. Sunglasses inside the school building.
  14. Jeans*

The principal or designee has the authority to decide if a student’s clothing complies with Board policy.

If the principal determines that a student’s clothing does not comply with Board policy, the parent/guardian may be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes to the school for the student to change into.

The student may be asked to leave an after-school activity if inappropriately dressed. A student might also receive a disciplinary consequence for violating the school’s dress code policy. Repeated violations may result in progressively more serious discipline.

PE Uniforms

ALA PE uniforms are required for students in 5th thru 8th grade; these are available for purchase at the school office.