We believe that every child is a leader

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” -  John Dewey

Located in the peaceful countryside of Alachua, Florida, The Alachua Learning Academy has a small family environment that is safe, multiculturally diverse and adventurous. We believe that these factors create a fertile ground for both personal and academic success. We value providing students with unique opportunities to discover their passions and talents, taking leaps forward in becoming exemplary leaders in the world. 
In the state of Florida we are ranked top 3% in Math, top 12% in Reading, top 10% in Science, and are the only “A” rated public school in Alachua. As a Public Charter School we meet all state requirements and charge no tuition, while being much smaller than most public schools and providing creative programs and individualized learning experiences. By offering grades K-8 in one unique educational setting, we provide continuity, age diversity, and mentorship, which can greatly benefit a child’s education.

A small family environment

The best nest for taking flight

about module 1We believe that our small and diverse student body, values-based approach, and caring teachers result in the best nest for children to take flight and soar to new heights. 
When we ask parents some of the things they love most about our school, one of the first things they say is the small family feel. Our school’s small size has big impacts on how we teach, learn, and play! We are much smaller than the average public school, having around ~175 students and 16 teachers from grades K-8. This creates a safe and nurturing space where we focus on healthy relationships, strong bonds between students and teachers, and achieve better academic results. 
At the core of every strong family are strong values, and we focus on empowering our students in leading with their H.E.A.R.T: Honor & Happiness, Enthusiasm & Excellence, Appreciation & Acceptance, Respect & Responsibility, Tenacity & Trust. 

Unique and effective course

Creating opportunities for adventure and success

about module 2Our dedicated teachers creatively structure various hands-on learning experiences adequate for each grade level. In addition to our extensive curriculum including Language Arts, Math, Science, STEM Lab (Science-Technology-Engineering and Math), Art, and Physical Education, we also offer The ACCEL Program- Academically Challenging Courses to Enhance Learning and Life Skills. These courses are designed to expose students to various subjects and provide hands on experiences in skills like: Seven Habits for Highly Effective People, Spanish, Publishing, Creative Writing, Digital Media, and Speech. 
We also offer unique in class and outdoor activities like Permaculture Gardening, Archery, Values Fairs, Multicultural Fair, Science Field days, Community Service, and inspiring guest speakers. 

Academic excellence

Achievement comes naturally with the right tools and environment

about module 3We believe that our small school size combined with creative and inspired teachers results in higher student engagement and truly effective learning. This gives students an opportunity to meet their potential in interpersonal relationships and academic studies. 
Starting from Kindergarten we create a nurturing environment that fosters an eagerness for lifelong learning. As students progress we focus on development of moral character and adventurous exploration. In Middle school we raise the bar in academics and prepare students for great High School experiences and in becoming valuable contributing members of the community.
With inspired and thoughtful teachers, diverse hands-on learning experiences, Smart Boards and student computers in every room, we ensure that our students have the best chance of success. We score in the top 3% in Math, top 12% in Reading, top 10% in Science in  the entire state of Florida and are rated an “A” school by the Florida Department of Education. 
By offering grades K-8 in one unique educational setting, we provide continuity, age diversity, and mentorship, which can greatly benefit a child’s education.